1. :: Please follow obvious stuff like being polite, not hateful, and patient.

2. :: Create the pixel art yourself please, stealing is not okay.

3. :: The CD can be anything you want! Your favourite albums, your own mixtape, the release of your own fictional band.

4. :: Please follow the guideline of the CDs as seen in templates. The final size of your CD should be 90x80 px.

5. :: Display the CDs as you like, whether it's just the pixel art or the relevant CD info too. Link back to the site (where the creators are credited) or directly to the creators.

6. :: Enjoy yourself!

:: Finny


:: This FAQ is a lie, because these are not frequently asked questions as they have never even been asked. But for the sake of clarity, let's pretend they have been.

:: Contact?

Email me at, via the guestbook, or discord: Finny#5223.

:: Mixtape CD?

As long as it fits in the 90x80 px frame, anything is fine. Doodle stickers, make scratches etc. Make the playlist of reasonable length, an average CD usually has about 700 MB of space, or 80 minutes of songs.


1. :: Chose whether you will make a fanwork of an existing album or create a fictional album or a mixtape.

2. :: [Optional] Play the album or assemble the mix and play it while working.

3. :: Select your preferred template. If you don't want album art, place one of the CDs in the case as such:

4. :: Use the cases as overlays/frames, as they contain a shimmer that will go over your work.

5. :: [Optional] Decorate the case with stickers, or give them some tear and wear.

6. :: Make sure you have the following information ready:

:: your name

:: your website link

:: link to your CD collection page

:: links to the PNGs of submitted CDs

:: their album names, artists, and favourite tracks

:: link to the playlist

7. :: Copy and paste the form from the join page into the guestbook. Fill it out and send it off.

6. :: Wait for the catalogue to update and see your entry!